Originally launched in 2005 the Business Best Practice website was set up to provide “no nonsense”, practical business advice.

We’ve been in the business publishing profession for over 22 years and have considerable experience in delivering business news and advice to UK SMEs.

Whilst we are based in and primarily focus on  the United Kingdom we are keen to provide general business advice that is applicable to businesses no matter where they are.

Our Philosophy

We’ve been in and around SMEs and websites since 1998 so we know quite a lot and how to help out where we can.

Our style is not prescriptive, there is no “one size fits all” solution in any business. However, we do like to be as comprehensive as possible. If there’s an idea, concept. or existing principle, we like to cover it in as much detail as we can so that you can be supplied with all the data and make the best decision for you and your business.

We also like to be as original as possible because everyone is different and every business is unique. There are however many fundamental principles in best practice that are quite common, so we’ll cover this in our own comprehensive way.

Our Founder

The driving force behind Business Best Practice is Paul Mackenzie Ross. Paul has over two decades’ experience as a digital professional, building, running and maintaining the is4profit.com business advice website for over 13 years, being the webmaster and deputy IT Manager for Cycling UK, Social Media Outreach Officer for Guide Dogs, Website and IT Project Manager for Johnson & Johnson, and Digital Marketing Manager for Clever Marketing for the past 6 years.

Paul is passionate about business, especially the SME sector, and has helped hundreds maybe thousands of businesses improve through website design, content marketing, SEO, PPC, and social media. In these pages he will try to convey those decades of experience in a way that resonates with business owners.